devinn pierre

based in Los Angeles, CA

Pierre is a french-black american creative director/ artist born in houston, tx 

  With an interest in Art and minimalism i have been able to capture people in a way that they normally wouldn't be captured mixing art with nudity in a simple yet timeless way, taking subjects out of their element to obtain something truly beautiful and unique is what keeps me interested in the work. photography has always been an escape with my strong interests in film/photography since a youth, started with street photography, short films, and working my way up to still portraits and nude stills. - pierre is also a huge fan of the 70's era/aesthetic and hopes to create a retro like style with his work, capturing freedom and soul and the feeling of that time, being behind the lens is my calling and i enjoy working with so many great people. if it wasn't for photography i would definitely want to be involved in design, architecture and furniture.



devinn shoots:

digital + film formats: 35mm, medium format, and polaroids.



rates are available by email